On the Issues

Building the Economy of Tomorrow

Millions of American jobs have been shipped overseas but it is the changes in technology and automation that are now making it more difficult for hardworking Americans find and secure employment. In the 6th District alone, the self-driving cars & trucks revolution will mean that 50 to 75 thousand workers will need to find new jobs in the next few years.

To prepare for the economy of tomorrow, Ryan believes we need a bipartisan jobs agenda — one that protects working families by incentivizing companies to invest their dollars here.

That means we need to make it tougher for companies to ship jobs overseas and easier for the government to tax the profits of companies that do. And we need to fully invest in job retraining programs that help experienced employees transition into new roles.

To remain competitive in the global economy, Ryan believes we need to make smart, strategic investments in healthcare infrastructure, green energy, biotechnology and other emerging sectors.

Creating a New North Carolina Economic Hub

The 6th District is uniquely positioned between two fast growing areas. With the surrounding growth comes vast opportunity to develop the economy and increase the number of good-paying jobs in our area.

In Congress, Ryan will leverage his business background to negotiate with companies currently operating in North Carolina and elsewhere to bring jobs to the 6th district, in order to create new jobs and increase wages for working families.

Ryan will also collaborate with local officials, state legislators and other members of Congress representing North Carolina to create a 6th District Strategic Economic Plan.

Investing in a Green Economy

Green jobs are expected to be among the largest growth area in our economy in the next 15 to 20 years. To help transition to the green economy of tomorrow, Ryan believes we must continue to incentivize clean energy companies to grow their operations and enable our economy to modernize.

As a management consultant, Ryan has worked with several energy companies on sustainability initiatives. He believes in all-of-the-above approach to renewable energy that includes wind, solar and biofuels.

Creating the green economy of tomorrow also means renewing our commitment to environmental protections. That means protecting the Clean Air & Water acts and working with scientists and conservations to push policies that protect our resources for the long-term. It also means coming up with reasonable climate change policies that protect our environment and our economy.

Protecting Women in the Workforce

Ryan has been fortunate to have had amazing women mentors in his life who helped him learn the value of hard work. That’s why he believes equal work should mean equal pay and why he strongly supports legislation to make it illegal to pay women doing the same work less than their male counterparts. In Congress, he’ll take an active role and work directly with business leaders to help reduce this pay gap.

But he also knows that supporting working women means creating policy that helps support their careers. In Congress, Ryan will work to pass legislation that requires employers to offer extended paternity leave programs to their employees, so that working mothers get the support they need from their spouses.

Ryan believes we need to do more to increase wages for working families. He fully supports efforts to raise the minimum wage, while adding a provision that adjusts it on an annual basis based on Cost-of-Living changes. That minimum wage, however, can’t be a one size fits all policy – because living in the 6th District doesn’t cost the same as it does to live in New York City. In the long-term, Ryan is committed to creating an economy where every hard working American has the opportunity to make a living wage.

Modernizing Public Education

To keep up with our competitors, we need to rethink the way we teach our kids. That means strengthening our commitment to a public education system that gives every student an equal opportunity to succeed.

Ryan believes we must also treat our educators like the professionals that they are by incentivizing states to increase teacher pay so we can retain great teachers and encourage college graduates to enter the field. We must also work to improve the experience of educators by ensuring they have opportunities for professional development and advanced training.

Our students need to early exposure to computer and STEM education from K-12. We must recognize that our students have different skills and interests and offer unique tracks for students with potential in specialized skills like design, analytics, supply chain, and computer programming. Ryan believes we must do away with the ‘one size fits all’ policy that has caused countless students to lose interest in education and instead give students the ability to customize their education.

We also need to take steps to make sure our education system is cost-effective. To generate savings, we should put a tablet or computer in every student’s hand, allowing schools and states to save millions on textbook costs, while also empowering our students to access the newest content and ideas.

In Congress, Ryan will work across the aisle on bipartisan legislation to help students struggling with crippling student loan debt.

Fixing Our Crumbling Infrastructure

Professional politicians talk a lot about infrastructure and rarely get anything done. In Congress, Ryan will work to pass legislation to immediately fix our most vulnerable roads, bridges, rail lines and mass transit systems.

After we’ve addressed our most pressing problems, Ryan will work to create a cross-functional council, made up of the Department of Transportation employees, business leaders in every state, and members of Congress and task them with proposing a 5-year plan to address a prioritized list of infrastructure needs that sets America up for success over the coming decades.

Ryan also believes we should invest in our technology infrastructure, ensuring all Americans have access to high quality, high speed internet.

Expanding Healthcare Access

Ryan believes we need to promote healthcare policies that decrease premiums, increase quality care and expand access to millions of uninsured Americans.

The Affordable Care Act is a good start because it has protected those with pre-existing conditions and expanded coverage to millions of Americans. Now we’ve got to work to improve it.

Ryan believes we should also explore offering Medicare as a public option to create increased competition with for-profit insurance companies and challenge them to offer better plans at lower costs.

Protecting Social Security

It is time for a generation of politicians that are ready to address tough issues head on, and that starts with Social Security. 82 years in, Social Security remains one of the most important public programs ever in the United States, yet recent studies estimate that it has only has about 12-15 years of solvency.

To preserve this program for future generations, we must pro-actively address the issue. Ryan believes in working in a bipartisan way to make Social Security solvent in the long run, without privatizing the program.

Honoring Our Pledge To Veterans

Too many politicians in Washington don’t walk the walk when it comes to supporting our veterans. Ryan wants to ensure that every veteran receives the same benefits and treatment that his grandparents received after they came home.

That’s why he believes we should allow our vets to get physical or mental care at any medical facility in the country and reimburse their care, especially for veterans who have difficulty getting to VA facilities.

Defending Women’s Rights

Ryan believes the government’s role in our personal lives should be minimized – and that means that government should not have a say in what women do with their bodies.

In Congress, Ryan will always defend choice.

Promoting Human Rights and Equal Rights

Ryan believes that Congress has a moral obligation to protect those that are persecuted and to ensure all American have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In Congress, Ryan will support legislation that promotes human rights around the world and equality at home.

Reasonable Immigration Policy

Ryan believes that if you are a law abiding citizen who pay taxes and works hard, you should have no fear of deportation.

Rather than spending millions of dollars with ineffective deportation programs, we should allow immigrants to remain here and pay taxes, which allows them to use our infrastructure, schools, and hospitals while making sure everyone pays their fair share.

Fixing What’s Broken With Washington

When our founders wrote the Constitution, they never envisioned that Congress would be full of professional politicians. Ryan believes change is healthy and that elected officials should not be allowed to sit in office for decades. Congressional Term Limits would help control the role money plays in our political system.

In Congress, Ryan will propose a 16-year (8-term) cap for serving in the House and ask that the Senate agree to an 18-year (3-term) camp, which would allow a maximum term of service in Congress of 34 years. By capping the service time of members, we can increase bipartisanship and reduce the influence of special interests and lobbyists in Washington.