What People Are Saying About Ryan Watts

Ryan has received endorsements from the following organizations:

“I raised my family in Chapel Hill, where I served as Mayor for three terms and also served on the Town Council. I grew up in Silk Hope in Chatham County and still own and manage my family farm there. 
I’ve known Ryan and his family for a long time. Ryan is energetic, passionate, open-minded, and a listener. When we discussed his potential run for office, he shared with me his desire to address the needs of the people in the 6th District of North Carolina. I was thrilled to see him rising to the occasion to make a difference. 
We are all tired of members of Congress who care more about themselves and their careers than their constituents. It’s time for the next generation of leaders to step up to continue our march towards progress and the betterment of all people. Let’s make some change in Washington. I wholeheartedly endorse Ryan Watts as the change that we need for this state and this country.”

– Hon. Rosemary Waldorf

Former Mayor of Chapel Hill
“I’m endorsing Ryan because he’s much less interested in people’s “D” or “R” status than he is in working together to find common-sense solutions to everyday problems. Ryan’s driving principle is simple – that government should work for the many and not the few. And while he has a deep understanding of policy and process, it’s Ryan’s optimism and idealism that earn my endorsement. Ryan believes that it’s still our government, and that we’ll be stronger not by tearing it down, but by working together to restore our trust in it.
Ryan knows that we can only get there when folks in Washington start responding to the needs of the people. And it’s because he understand those needs – because he understands the challenges of our changing world – that I want him to represent me in Congress. Ryan knows that the economy of the present and future depends on protecting resources, protecting workers, and protecting consumers, not eliminating those protections. Ryan knows that our economic security depends on increased access to affordable healthcare, not limiting access and burdening families with unmanageable medical bills. Ryan knows that only by investing in schools and job training programs will we create an economy that allows every able-bodied resident to provide for themselves and their family.
I hope you’ll join me in supporting Ryan Watts for Congress from the 6th District. I encourage you to visit wattsforcongress.com to learn more about him, or visit with him in person when he’s in your neighborhood. We’ve got a long way to go in restoring a government that reflects our values and interests, but I know we’ll take a big step in the right direction when we elect Ryan Watts this November.”
 Hon. Mike Dasher
Chatham County Commissioner, District 2
“I enthusiastically endorse Ryan Watts to be the Sixth District’s next Congressman.  Ryan has impressed me – and people across the district – with his knowledge and his energy.  He is a good listener and a real problem solver, skills he will use to make the Sixth District a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Join me in supporting Ryan Watts.“




– Hon. Mike Woodard
NC State Senator, District 22
“There is a wave sweeping the nation, and it is not just a Democratic wave, but a wave of decency, kindness, morality and common sense which has been too often absent from the discussions in Washington. It is reassuring when candidates run for office with a vision that includes opportunity, equality, fairness and prosperity for all of us. I am excited to stand in support of Ryan Watts for Congress and to endorse his candidacy because this is the vision that he brings and those are the qualities that will benefit all of us in Chatham, in particular, but in North Carolina generally.
Ryan brings a fresh enthusiasm and passion for the mission that he is embarking on and a willingness to listen, learn and collaborate in order to effect positive change for North Carolinians. He recognizes that government works best when it is close to the people, staying informed, understanding their needs and responding with compassion and integrity. And he is dedicated to ensuring that we continue to invest in and support public education, improve access to affordable health care, protect our environment and develop strong, sensible gun laws that protect our families.
If there was ever in my life a time for change, surely that time is now. Let’s work together to bring the best of what America has to offer into the U.S. House of Representatives by electing Ryan Watts. I am looking forward to a brighter future and hope that Chatham County will join in me enthusiastically supporting Ryan for Congressional District 6 as a key step to getting there.”
– Hon. Karen Howard, Esq.
Chatham County Commissioner, District 1

“Ryan Watts shared with me his vision for North Carolina. He sees the people left behind, and so wants to fix the gaps in their healthcare coverage. He believes that Congress needs to ensure better paying jobs through workforce training. He understands both his district’s employment need and its potential. He will invest in our young people.
I asked him about America’s polarized politics. Watts knows that moving things forward in Washington means more inclusiveness and less divisiveness. Polls indicate that millennials are our most accepting generation, drawing inspiration from Obama’s example. He wants reasonable leadership again, and he is stepping forward.
His work in the business sector has made him a good facilitator; he knows the importance of being a good listener. His work as a busboy, customer service representative, strategic change leader, journey through college during lean years, and the rising generation’s debt and job uncertainty make him want to solve the big problems. Watts wants to start with wages. He sees that current national leadership is failing.
As the public gets to know him during this campaign, they will feel that his calm demeanor and ability to answer questions directly and sincerely is a breath of fresh air. He has lived the story of the recession generation, and I think we should listen to what he has to say.
I endorse Ryan Watts. Make him our voice in the next Congress.”
 Hon. Jim Crawford
Chatham County Commissioner, District 4
“I am elated to have the opportunity to usher in a new generation of North Carolina leadership in the person of Ryan Watts. I confidently endorse him as the most logical and qualified candidate for the 6th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Ryan is running for office with the same experience as first-time candidates twice his age. The thoughtful voter will realize that at this time in our history when far too many North Carolinians, in particular, and Americans in general doubt the veracity of their Legislative representatives and their fidelity to American ideals. Ryan Watts’ fresh perspective allows him to come to the office unaffected by the baggage of past history.
We need a lift. Ryan Watts is most definitely that lift. He will make decisions about all of the issues that matter to us with untainted integrity, courage, robust passion and true public stewardship because he believes that is the only way to govern.
I choose Ryan Watts to stand up for me; I hope that the rest of Chatham County and the 6th District does as well.”
– Del Turner
Chatham County Board of Education
“I am happy to endorse Ryan Watts as the Democratic candidate running for Congress in the 6th. Ryan would be a credit to all of his constituents, bringing strength, humility, reason, balance, and great optimism for our future here in North Carolina and across the Nation. When you meet Ryan, you see it. He’s the real deal.”
– Laura Fjeld
Former Democratic Nominee for NC-06, 2014

“I don’t take endorsements for political office lightly, but Ryan Watts has the character and measured approach we need in Congress right now. I hope everyone will support him.”
– Phil Ford
Tar Heel, father, leader, & coach