Millions of American jobs are being shipped overseas and changes in technology and automation are making it more difficult for hardworking Americans to find and secure employment. In the 6th District alone, the self-driving cars revolution will mean that 50 to 75 thousand workers need to find new jobs in the next few years.

To prepare for the economy of tomorrow, Ryan believes we need a bipartisan jobs agenda — one that protects working families by incentivizing companies to invest their dollars here. That means we need to make it tougher for companies to ship jobs overseas and easier for the government to tax the profits of companies that do. And we need to fully invest in job retraining programs that help experienced employees transition into new roles. To remain competitive in the global economy, Ryan believes we need to make smart, strategic investments in healthcare infrastructure, green energy, biotechnology and other emerging sectors. The Sixth District is uniquely positioned between two fast growing areas. With the surrounding growth comes vast opportunity to develop the economy and increase the number of good-paying jobs in our area.

In Congress, Ryan will leverage his business background to negotiate with companies currently operating in North Carolina and elsewhere to bring jobs to the Sixth District, in order to create new jobs and increase wages for working families. Ryan will also collaborate with local officials, state legislators and other members of Congress representing North Carolina to create a Sixth District Strategic Economic Plan.